Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dantastic Thoughts - Captain America, Agent of Hydra

So, by now you've probably all heard.  Steve Rogers is an agent of Hydra and has been since before he got the super soldier serum.  According to Nick Spencer, "This has real lasting repercussions that are gonna be with us for a while.”

Now that the internet has caught fire, let me remind everyone about the last time something in a Marvel comic garnered this much attention: Peter Parker revealing his identity on live TV.  At the time, Marvel alleged "lasting repercussions."  Last I checked, Spidey's identity was under wraps once again.

So calm down.  Nick Spencer didn't shit in your cornflakes.  Marvel has erected a anti-shit barrier around all bowls of cereal with its Illusion of Change doctrine.  Soon, Captain Hydra will be tossed in the same bin as other earth shattering stories like dead Superman, blue Superman, Az-Bat, unmaksed Spider-Man, married Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man, evil Hal Jordan, dead Reed Richards, and countless others.

So sit back and see how this plays out.  Until then...

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