Friday, July 1, 2016

The Back Issue Bin: Incredible Hulk #250

Incredible Hulk #250
date: August 1980
writer: Bill Mantlo
artists: Sal Buscema
rating: 3 out of 5

Confession Time: I originally bought this back in the day because an issue of Marvel Team-Up Index told me it was the next American appearance of Captain Britain, whom I was briefly enamored with.  It's only a one panel cameo, though.

While looking for a place to belong, the Hulk encounters the Silver Surfer.  The Surfer wonders if an infusion of Gamma radiation will give him enough power to breach the barrier that keeps him from leaving Earth.  The Surfer siphons off the Gamma radiation in the Hulk's body, leaving Banner powerless.  The Gamma-infused Surfer runs amok and only the Hulk can stop him...

The Surfer pierces the barrier but has to go back to save Banner from falling to his death, maintaining the status quo.

All things considered, it's a fun issue but also a great example of Marvel's Illusion of Change doctrine.  Three out of five stars.

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