Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dantastic Thoughts - Captain America: Civil War

My lady friend and I saw Captain America: Civil War last night.  We liked it quite a bit. There will be spoilers.

The movie started with one of the Winter Soldier's missions in 1991 and went to the Avengers trying to stop Crossbones in Nigeria.  Scarlet Witch fucks up and some people get killed, leading to the Sokovia Accords, the movie's equivalent to the super hero registration act, with Iron Man for and Captain America against.

While the accords are being signed, a truck blows up outside the UN building and it looks like one James Buchanan Barnes is behind it.  Captain America knows his friend didn't do it and a rift forms in the Avengers.  Iron Man and Cap marshal their forces and the greatest group battle in super hero history happens.  The mastermind is revealed and Iron Man chases Cap and Bucky to Siberia, where there is a nest of other Winter Soldiers.  Bucky is revealed to have killed Stark's parents and a brutal fight between Iron Man and Cap and Bucky breaks out.  When the smoke clears, there are two teams of Avengers.

That's a pretty brief summary.  There was a lot to love about this movie.

  1. The rift between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers formed and developed pretty organically and didn't seem forced at all.
  2. The relationship between Captain America and Bucky also seemed real.
  3. The big battle between both Avenger teams at the airport was pretty spectacular
  4. The introduction of the Black Panther made me want to see a Black Panther right now!
  5. This iteration of Spider-Man is even better than Tobey McGuire.  His aunt's a little too hot thought
  6. The final fight was pretty brutal
  7. The ending was not what I expected.  I thought either Cap or Iron Man would be taking a dirt nap.
  8. Ant-Man going inside Iron Man's head reminded me of the Ant-Man Vision thing from the Kree Skrull War
  9. Wanda and Vision heading toward couplehood
There were only a few gripes to be had.
  1. It should have been called Avengers 3 since there was so much going on.  Not as much as an Avengers movie, however
  2. Cap and Iron Man both came off like dickheads toward the end.  That's not as much of a gripe as it was an observation.
All things considered, I enjoyed Captain America: Civil War more than Avengers 2.  The future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks bright indeed.  4.5 out of 5 stars.

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