Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Marvel Unlimited Find: Captain Universe!

Marvel Spotlight (1979) 9
writer: Bill Mantlo
artists: Steve Ditko
rating: 3 out of 5 stars

My exposure to Captain Universe has been infinitesimal, limited to an issue of What If and some ads.  I know that he wields the uni-power and the power jumps to a different person in every story.  Thanks to Marvel Unlimited, I'm able to read one of Captain Universe's early appearances.

In the first story, Ray Coffin, the original host of the unipower, has a heart attack, unable to withstand the other-worldly energies. His son Steve hauls him to the hospital and the staff appears to be under some kind of mind control.  The Unipower fills Steve and he becomes Captain Universe instead of his father.  He battles the zombie-like staff and the menace of Mister E.

This was a pretty average story, livened up by some pretty spectacular art by Steve Ditko.  Captain Universe' power seems limited only by the wielder's imagination, kind of like Green Lantern.  I could see Marvel utilizing him like Doctor Who, overhauling the character with each story arc to suit whomever is writing him.

Anyway, this story was visually amazing but did not stand the test of time.  Three out of five stars.

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