Thursday, July 21, 2016

Marvel Unlimited Find: The First Appearance of Madrox!

Giant-Size Fantastic Four #4
February 1975

Writer: Len Wein& Chris Claremont
Artists:  John Buscema, Chic Stone, and Joe Sinnott
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

The Thing and Alicia Masters are taking a train to see a football game when a man is on the tracks.  The Thing tries to solve things as only a super hero can, punches him, and gets more than he bargained for, for the man on the train tracks is Jamie Madrox, The Multiple Man!

Oddly enough, Madrox knocks the Thing out.  When the Thing comes to, Reed, Johnny and Medusa are standing over him.  Anyway, Madrox's tragic story is recounted and he battles the entire Fantastic Four.  But how do they subdue a foe who makes duplicates every time he's hit?

This one is definitely a sign of the times as The Thing wears a fur coat like Joe Namath.  Also, I didn't reallize how Kirby-esque Madrox's original costume was.  Brief side note, this story comes during an odd time in the Fantastic Four's history when Johnny is wearing a red costume to emulate the original Human Torch and Medusa is temporarily taking Sue's place.

Anyway, Madrox proves to be a difficult foe until Professor X shows up and sorts things out.  The story is pretty typical 1970's super hero fare.  The art is in the Marvel house style of the time, good but not exceptional.  The main draw of this for me was the introduction of Madrox.  Three out of five stars.

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