Saturday, November 16, 2019

Planet of the Nerds

Planet of the NerdsPlanet of the Nerds by Paul Constant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Three jocks from the 1980s are accidentally cryogenically frozen and wake up in the present day. Can they cope in a world full of nerds?

I've been impressed with Ahoy Comics so far so I'm compelled to read everything they put out. Hence, Planet of the Nerds.

The premise is pretty simple. Just look at the title. Stereotypical 80s jocks get frozen and wind up in the present day. Only it's not as simple as that. The characters all have their secrets and Alvin, the nerd they used to torment, has secrets of his own.

It's the classic "man from a different time" story. Chad, Drew, and Steve struggle to fit into the modern world and go looking for Alvin, the nerd who froze them. The writing moves things along at a fair clip, no decompression, and the art perfectly suits the story. I also like that Ahoy doesn't go crazy with the computer coloring effects.

Planet of the Nerds is a fun book full of 1980s references that doesn't overstay its welcome, another entertaining book from Ahoy Comics. Four out of five stars.

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