Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Catwoman: Selina's Big Score

Catwoman: Selina's Big ScoreCatwoman: Selina's Big Score by Darwyn Cooke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Flat broke, Catwoman learns of a train carrying twenty-four million dollars of drug money, her ticket back to the big leagues. But she'll need help to pull off the heist, help of her old mentor, a planner named Stark. Can they trust each other and get the money without being killed?

So this was pretty bad ass. Darwyn Cooke writes a team-up between Catwoman and Richard Stark's Parker, for all intents and purposes. I have to think Darwyn Cooke had no idea he'd later be adapting The Hunter and this was an homage to the Parker books. It even does the cutaway sequences like the Parker books.

The art was Darwyn Cooke's signature style and well-suited to the task at hand, 1950's style but someone gritty as hell. The writing felt just like one of the Parker books.

Cooke did a great job writing about Selina's complicated relationships with the men in the book, namely Stark and Slam Bradley. There were enough twists to keep things interesting. Right up until the end, I wasn't sure who'd walk away with the money.

Selina's Big Score was another winning entry in my post-mortem examination of Darwyn Cooke's body of work. Four out of five stars.

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